Shannon Turner

Evidence management expertise

  • Consulting for law enforcement agencies
  • Training for property & evidence staff
  • Expert witness services in civil litigation




Years of

I believe you would be hard-pressed to find anyone more capable, qualified, cooperative or informative as Shannon Turner.

Paul Claunch

Arkansas Highway Police

Extensive evidence management knowledge coupled with passion and dedication.

Outstanding. Educational. A true asset to the field of property and evidence management. Exceeds all expectations. Find out why people who have worked with Shannon say so.

About Shannon
I am impressed with Shannon Turner’s 40 hour Property and Evidence Officer’s class. Shannon’s extensive knowledge on the subject of evidence, along with her dedicated law enforcement career, has made her an expert in this field and her passion is evident. Shannon’s efforts left everyone in the class talking about the class outline, her ease of public speaking and hilarious sense of humor, which is so needed in this line of work! The class was outstanding, very educational and is a must for anyone that handles property and evidence. Shannon is truly an asset to this field.

Tina Erwert

Wenatchee, Washington Police